Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Freakin' out ...

Hey ! It's a long time I haven't open my blog .. It's very ashamed that I won't open this blog every single day .'Cause I'm studying at a boarding school at Malacca . Students are allowed to bring MP3 , laptop , iPad except for Handphones . But my mom won't let me bring the laptop to my school .. well it's not rightfully mine , but we share it together .It's hard to keep it well at school . What can a 13-years-old teenagers do with a laptop ? I'm not sure I will take care it well ... You must been wondering why I'm at home .. I got MC for 5 days . I had to operate my throat this Friday (wish me luck) . This is beacause of tonsils . It's a well-known sickness as many percent of people had to operate their tonsils . Tonsils can make you caught fever and cough . 

Serious right ? K , I have to watch my favourite korean drama ... BYEE !! 

Lots of love ,
Izyan Hani

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