Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WTF ??? - What the fish ?-

What's up ? Tired already ? Sorry , I shouldn't make you even tired . (Although you're not tired ) Okay , I now you're boring to read the word 'Tired' . Opss ! There is it again ! Well seriously , I don't wanna talk about it anymore . You see my CHit CHat there ? I wanna talk about my dreams . Like I said , I'm confused b'cause of my dreams . SOmetimes I wanna be a teacher and sometimes I wanna be Forensic (Seriously , does that spells right ?) . When I was 10 , I was fascinated by my teachers' hardwork and patience to teach and educate us to behave well . Just like our parents . Homeworks is not some punishment or something . It's to help us to be smart and clever . (Although I'm not the kind of students who is so diligent doing homeworks ) .  Practice makes perfect , right ? At the same time I admired detectives and forensics' work just like in TV . CSI , Sherlock Holmes , NCIS : LA and just like that . I amazed by DNA , CODIS and finger prints . It's all the clues needed (based on the investigation ) . People said their afraid to see dead bodies . For me it's a new challenge for me . To find the murderer , You have to be quick so the murderer won't run away (funny huh ?) . If it's homisid . Well , I've gotta go . Those korean dramas won't watch theirselves , you know ?? BYE !!!

                                                                     Lots of love ,
                                                                     Izyan Hani ...

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